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'Ello there. Starvinbohemian is a grad student going for her Master's degree in Literature, so she frequently rambles about academia.

She fancies herself an author, but she mostly just complains about what she sees on television. She's currently dwelling in several eclectic fandoms, ranging from television shows to movies to literature to video games to anime, etc. She's all over the place! Wee! If that's what you came for, then come on in.

***Current Obsession: Sherlock Holmes***

Friending Policy: My policy on friending is that there should be no friending policies. Everyone should be allowed to friend whomever they want, all willy-nilly. You lurker-stalk me, I lurker-stalk you... It's a beautiful thing, no? However, I usually only friend people back that comment on a more or less regular basis. A paradox of sorts, if you will.

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i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @

My Harry Potter One-Shots:

Protégé (Draco/Pansy, Bellatrix (Pansy)/Rodolphus, Voldemort/Pansy. *Completed*)
Home: My memories, The Dark Arts, and at the Pink Frilly Robes Archive.

Dimenticata (Pansy/Azkaban. *Completed*)
Home: The Dark Arts and the Pink Frilly Robes Archive.

At the End of the World (Draco/Pansy, Blaise/Pansy. *Completed*)
Home: My memories and at the Pink Frilly Robes Archive.

Breath In Idleness. (Draco/Pansy. *Completed*)
Home: My memories.

A Woman but no Angel. (Lily/James, Harry. *Completed*)
Home: My memories.

...time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse... (Draco/Pansy, Blaise/Pansy. *Completed*)
Home: My memories.

Like a Balloon Caught in a Tempest (Tonks/Snape. *Completed*)
Home: My memories.


Undoubtedly, Unequivocally (Draco/Pansy ficlet. *Completed*)
Home: My memories.

Draco Married Who? (Draco/Pansy my denial comment-drabble. *Completed*)
Home: My memories.
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