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Oh, hell yes!

Jesse McCartney had "scheduling conflicts," so now Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire is going to play Zuko in the Avatar movie!

They still haven't gotten the ethnicity right, but this is still a step in the right direction. And on a purely superficial level, I looooves me some Dev Patel. Some community members at [Bad username or site: @] are concerned that only recasting Zuko and not any of the main actors turns it into another example of the "evil brown kid harassing those poor white kids," but I don't know how I feel about that at this point.

I can't see much right now beyond the fact that I looooove Dev Patel. XD
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I didn't even know that there was going to be a live-action Avatar movie, let alone that it was going to be directed by M. Night Shyamalan, but this casting news?

Oh, HELLS NO. Shyamalan, you did not cast a host of White actors to play the Avatar characters. The very blatantly and awesomely not White characters. Fuck that. Jesse Mccartney as Zuko? Say what now? You're telling me that Dante Basco, who actually voiced Zuko, is an awesome POC actor, looks age appropriate, and has marital arts training wasn't available? This is Earthsea all over again.

Getting this news on the same eve that I argued with my parents over whether or not I could put a Black Santa on our front lawn is also uncool. Dad first tried to tell me that I would look racist for having a Black Santa, then my mother attempted to kindly explain to me that Santa just wasn't Black, and then the reason switched to the fact that everyone else in our hick town is too racist and we don't want people vandalizing us just because I had the strange notion of deviating from the White Santa norm. Then, I was accused to pushing a Liberal (I know, me, right?) agenda and next I would want to make Santa into a gay cross dresser, too. *FacePalm* I probably didn't help my case by saying, "Yes, a gay, cross-dressing Santa would be AWESOME."

I love my parents, but damn it. -_-; They've been living in this town too long, only interacting with people like them, and I think my machismo Italian father conveniently forgets on a regular basis that he has a daughter who is half-Latina and therefore has to look at the world in a different way than a person with White male privilege can. .

In other non-racist news, an AWESOME casting surprise. John Glover, a.k.a PAPA LUTHOR, is going to play you-know-who's real father. If it's true that Mama P. is actually his mother, then consider my mind blown at the sheer hotness of John Glover/Cristine Rose. Hot damn!
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I don't think I have any Zutarans on my f-list, but if there does happen to be one or two... Sorry? I love you anyway?

But still: Linking because I receive sadistic pleasure from seeing the Powers That Be (a.k.a Mike and Bryan) of Avatar mock their Zutara fans. Essentially, Mike and Bryan compiled various fan arts that were sent to them, put them to dialogue that makes me either giggle or outright LMAO, and then (cruelly or hilariously?) presented the thing at Comic Con. ***Enjoy.***

My favorite?

The picture of Sokka flat-out saying, "People who think Zuko and Katara should be together will forever have doomed relationships."


Katara: "I just feel like we never have anything in common. You never talk to me about your feelings, your hopes, your dreams."

Zuko: "I'm feeling like I hope you shut up soon."

Katara: ... "Wanna go make out some more?"

Zuko: "No, not really."

Hehe. Because that is exactly what their relationship would be like. I'm disturbed by the amount of fan-love for that pairing, and this is an instance where I am so glad the creators decided to ignore an extremely vocal fan base (or section thereof) and do what they wanted. Really ballsy of them to present it at Comic Con as well. The only excuse for the huge fanbase for this pairing is that Zuko is essentially Draco Malfoy with a scar, and Katara is an easy self-insert.

Also, here's the first episode of the hilarious Avatar: The Abridged Series. Nothing will ever be as funny as the original Yu-gi-oh: The Abridged Series, but this one comes pretty close.
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Since everyone else is doing it...

The character pairings meme...

In which we discuss HP, QaF, Bleach, Naruto, FFVII, Angel, and Avatar... And what I like and dislike about the individual ships... )
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Oh... my... God.

The Beach episode?

Zuko and Azula being so maladjusted in normal society and awkward? The firesquad sitting around the camp fire, indulging in heavy doses of dime-store psychology and self-pity? The Zuko/Mai- How can you not love a couple with a tagline like, "You're beautiful when you hate the world?" Oh, and burning the place down as a form of bonding?


I didn't think I could love them more. I DO. Azula officially rocks my world- "And we shall be the most powerful couple in the world! Bwahaha!" YES.


Dec. 1st, 2007 07:26 pm
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Finally moving into Book 2 and...

Okay, I give in. I LOVE Avatar! I blame YOU, f-list! *Shakes fist*

I was wary of an anime provided via Nickelodeon, and I still feel a tad silly for sinking into an obsession with a kid's show. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised, and I don't regret starting it. Avatar is just so witty. The characters are awesome. And the animation is consistently good. *Glares at Bleach animators* Damn show is addictive.

And ZUKO! Zuko is so the new Draco Malfoy. Sexy, whiny little bastard with daddy issues and a chip on his shoulder. Awesome. And ZUKO/MAI!!! That there is a pairing that hits my kinks. Who can resist the bad-guy-n-girl!love? No one, I say! Bah! And all the kissing! I'm so not used to that after all these damn Japanese animes with their subtext-over-providing-me-kissage.


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