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It's fascinating to read old meta on shows I watched a long time ago or in isolation from other viewers/fandom. Particularly Angel because I've loved the show for a decade or so but I wasn't involved in fandom when it originally aired and for some reason I never bothered to look up meta after I was-- until now. Angel exists in a special, happy place for me, so it was really jarring for me to come upon some really caustic, take-the-bitch-apart meta. Not in a "how DARE you talk about my baby that way" kinda way, but in a "what the heck are you talking about/I never saw that/where is this coming from" kinda way.

Lesson learned: Watching a show in isolation, without outside input, or in one go through a complete series can greatly alter how you view said show compared to if you watch it one week at a time and participate in its fandom. For instance, I watched BSG all the way through in one go, so I never had time to sift through the epic mythology of the show or to form my own opinions about it while waiting years for the big reveals. But I just read some meta from people who did and, whoa (surprise), were they pissed at the series finale (which I thought was gorgeous). The same goes for Heroes. I zipped right through S1 with no expectations and loved it without seeing the issues I read about later in meta. For instance, isolated as I was from fandom, I had no idea that people were expecting a huge, epic Peter vs. Sylar fight in the S1 finale. How disappointed they were. And look at how bitter I am now (though not about that)!

Final conclusion: Fandom creates a sense of entitlement, and giving fans time to stew in their own creative juices and inputs to the story/mythology is just asking for trouble. Don't give the fans time to think! Wait, that isn't news? Oh, never mind.

During all this meta surfing, I came to another startling conclusion: I don't think I actually like Spike. GASP. )
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Oh, BSG. I don't think there's ever been or ever will be again a show so well-written, creative, and just all-around amazing.

My very spoilery finale thoughts. )
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I was saving up all my thoughts about BSG until after I'd finished all the available episodes of S4, but I just finished watching Blood on the Scales and...

OMG, Gaeta.

Cut for shippy, spoilery, fangirly thoughts... )
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First off, a rec! The webcomic Sylar and Vader depicts the wacky adventures of best buddies, Sylar and Darth Vader. It has Sylar and Darth Vader as BFFs. Enough said.

I'm into Season Two of Battlestar Galactica, and I am freaking loving it. This show is so smart, and not in the pretentious way that Mad Men is smart. The way so many ethical and political issues are tackled in this show is like opium to me. Gaius Baltar continues to fascinate me, but my favorite aspect so far has to be the Helo/Boomer/Tyrol triangle. Oh, the angsty shenanigans. And Colonel Tigh. You and your martial law. Hehe.

Oh, and hello, I got quoted a few times in the [Bad username or site: @] post for last week's episode. That's awesome, but also confusing. I thought people were supposed to post their own comments on there, but maybe I was wrong? Did one of you quote me? How does this work exactly? Am I now obligated to be amusing? O.o
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Yes, I have indeed spent the past few weeks catching up with what everyone else is or has already been watching.

I've begun watching Mad Men, Dexter S2, Pushing Daisies, and Battlestar Galactica. I'm a disc or two into all of the above, and so far all appear to be excellent. Though, I could do with less misogyny (MM), Lilah (D2), and dissing on Olive (PD). Oh, and I'll add How I Met Your Mother to that list, but I'm marking it down as "just okay." It's better than most situational sitcoms, but I don't generally like situational sitcoms (no, not even Friends), so... yeah.

I acknowledge Mad Men's brilliance and will definitely continue with it, but I admit to struggling with the fact that I hate pretty much every character. And while I understand that two of the show's major strengths are the subtlety and languid pacing, it's forced me to realize that I'm just too ingrained with the now-now-show-me-now mentality of my generation to genuinely appreciate those "strengths" beyond the concept of them. In other words, my mind wanders a lot. Much rewinding.

I hesitated on watching season two of Dexter because season one was so unbelievably amazing (especially the last few episodes) that I didn't think s2 could do anything but go downhill. Glad I was wrong. But nothing could ever be as good as those last few episodes. For srs.

Pushing Daisies is darling, but for some ridiculous reason I keep balking against the overtness of Ned/Chuck. I know I'm supposed to like them and root for them, and I genuinely don't know why I'm not. Possibly because I instinctively identified and sided with Olive? Don't know.

I had to watch BG once and for all after even my professor insisted that this show is amazing. But it's frustrating me, because my mind keeps wandering away (usually during technical or battle scenes) only to be forced back by something awesome happening. Granted, I'm only through the mini series, so perhaps it won't be so bad when it's not a straight four hours. Unsurprisingly, Gaius Baltar is probably going to be this show for me, much as the Petrelli brothers are Heroes. I love my pretty assholes, yes, I do.


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