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For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, here's a transcript of Rowling's online chat. She fields a handful of questions from fans about the stuff that was neglected in the books.

Unsurprisingly, the people monitoring the questions had their filters set mostly to "Stupid," but whatever. I mean, honestly. You have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ask Rowling anything about the HP world, and you ask her about sock symbolism? About the Chudley Cannons? About things that were already explained in the books?

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I've gotta say that this interview is a truly disturbing glimpse into Rowling's mind. A mind full of unearned utopias, rainbows, miracles, nonsensical choices, lovely rivers of loverly love, and a world in which Harry is trusted with more than tying his own damn shoes. Like, say, the entire revamping of a government and mindsets that have been institutionalized for centuries. And all with the help of... Ron. -_-'
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The most entertaining part of my day was definitely when my father decided to wake me up with a phone call to talk about Deathly Hallows. XD Honestly, that man. I still think it's hilarious that he even read the books to begin with. Although, I didn't appreciate his having to argue with me about Ginny before I'd completely woken up. He doesn't understand how I can hate Ginny so much when "she's barely in the book." I corrected him to say that she was in it far too much. He also assured me that spontaneous attraction to girls who have always "been around" does happen. In other words, he doesn't care that there was no progression leading up to their relationship. I didn't dispute that, but I did point out that, in a book, there should be an explanation or development of some kind. You could say that we agreed to disagree in the sense that he had to get off the phone, and I was already falling back asleep on him anyway. Really, he's not allowed to wake me up that way ever again.

Anyway, back to the +40 page group project that's been consuming my life. D:
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Okay, I've finally finished that damned book. After much avoidance, indifference, denial, annoyance, anger, betrayal, and several tantrums wherein I vowed to never finish it out of protest and to abandon anything and everything Harry Potter forever and ever...

My more-than-slightly bitter review. Judging by the many favorable responses I've read here, my rancor could be kind of jarring at this moment in time. Sorry, but the truth is that I'm feeling extremely bitter and betrayed by J.K. Rowling. Are you getting that? ;) I devoted so many years of my life to Harry Potter, and I don't feel that she met any of the expectations she set herself up for. Anyway.

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That's really just the tip of the iceberg. But I'm tired. And angry. And soooo over Harry Potter. Good night.
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I find it hilarious that everyone's all about Harry Potter right now, and all I want to do is talk about the crack that is the last handful of Bleach chapters. XD

The book arrived this morning via an apparently grumpy UPS man, who abused my front door, slammed the book to the ground, and then ran off before I could open the door and get a look at him. O.o Maybe he doesn't usually have to work on Saturdays?

So, I stared at the book and thought, "You know what would be fun right now? Finishing Volume 1 of Hana Kimi."

The book was patiently waiting for me after I did so, and I thought, "You know what would be time well spent? Cleaning and unpacking the new apartment."

The book followed me through the various rooms, and I finally met its accusing gaze, which seemed to ask, "Is this how a relationship of 6 intense years ends? With cruel indifference and painful neglect? With another great love already waiting in the wings to replace the first?"

In response, I said, "Okay, I know what I have to do. Watch my new anime, D. Gray-Man!"

The book was starting to act rather huffy by this point, so I said, "Don't look at me like that! We can read the latest Bleach chapter together! Won't that be fun?"

It went on in this fashion for some time, until I grew tired of the silent treatment I was receiving from a compilation of murdered trees, and I finally read the first few chapters. Now, I'm wondering if this isn't a splendid time to start a hobby like scrap booking... Or golf. Or... anything really. -_- It's just so hard to care right now. Are you getting that?
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Well, great bloody bugger fuck.

I was going to be good and wait for the book to actually arrive to my hands, but I broke. I've been spoiled up the wazoo. I know pretty much everything I wanted to know about Book 7. I've read the epilogue and the comments from people who have read the whole book to confirm things. I know, and I am pissed.


Of course, I had to call my family to ruin the book for all of them as well. Such is my way. But I won't spoil any of you against your will, so you can relax. ;)

To rub further salt into the wound, here's a picture from a cut scene of James and Lily in OotP. *Sigh*


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