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We have been bamboozled with something called a "Winter Storm." Being a SoCal native, I have no idea what a Winter Storm actually is, but it apparently has something to do with rain and snow. The rain part is definitely here, so I'm bundled up in blankets.

I'm still stewing over what's been done to my precious Nathan on Heroes, but I'm trying to channel my rage into my writing. It's either that or I go around punching everyone I encounter. So, yeah. Writing.

I'm making a lot of progress on FE 8! Yay!


I HAS QUESTION for the Harry Potter fans (or anyone who happens to be British) on my f-list. I went digging through the first few HP books trying to figure out exactly how long their Christmas holiday is at Hogwarts, and I can't find an exact length mentioned anywhere. I'm guessing it's something like one to two weeks, but does anybody know for sure?
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Wow. I've always read from fandom historians that the origins of fan fiction were found in Star Trek fanzines, but apparently the foundation (for fic as we know it) was set much earlier. The origins of RPS fic and fan fiction can be found in the Tijuana Bibles, which came out as early as the twenties. Quote from my textbook:

The authors of the Tijuana bibles "began by putting then-famous comic characters into compromising situations, but soon progressed to doing the same with film stars and media personalities. Some even starred gangsters (for example Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger), who were portrayed in a flattering light and always got the girls. According to one historian, 'It is possible that these hot items have been thought to represent the depths of depravity not only because of their concentration on sex, but because of their sociological and revolutionary implications.' They could not be sold from news-stands for obvious reasons, so were sold 'under the counter' or through the post. In one sense they can therefore be seen as the first American underground comics, and it should come as no surprise that they were later rediscovered by 1960s and 1970s comix publishers, and then again during the 1990s sex comics boom."

Interesting. And thank you, Alan Moore, for teaching me in The Watchmen what Tijuana bibles are. XD


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