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Huzzah! At 32 pages and just short of 12,000 words, the damn thing is finally finished. And it's the longest FE chapter I've written in years.

Here be the latest chapter of Forgivable Expectations:

Chapter 9: Deadlock.

Summary: Deadlock: a standstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions. Pansy has to lose part of herself in order to find herself again.

Pansy and Padma finally have their confrontation. Yes, indeed.

EDIT: Just to be clear, this is not the final chapter of FE. It's just the latest. ^^;
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Since it's very possible that I will be incoherent with grief and rage tonight after the death of a certain most favorite character in all the world. So, before I descend, here is a bit of happy in the form of my favorite Hark! A Vagrant! comic:


R.I.P John Paul II. You were so much better than Ratzinger.

I finally cracked the hell out of the Pansy/Dean scene in FE that's been kicking my ass for months. This scene has been a large part of the reason the fic has gone so long without an update, but I've finally emerged from the wilderness! I think my main issue was that I didn't know what I wanted from the scene, but some unexpected meaty/serious business finally emerged, and we are a go. Even without the Pansy/Millicent confrontation, I'm currently at 25 pages. Hopefully, the length and the tons of emotional shit I packed in will make up for the long hiatus.

Now, if I'm unable to write meta for tonight's Heroes episode, then I'm sure you'll understand. Please excuse me while I proceed to drown myself in the fifteen pages of academic writing I still have to do this week. D: D: D:
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Had a random conversation with an aging hippie musician in Starbucks today. The experience was charmingly disconcerting, like an organic core inside a mass consumerism peel. If that makes any sense.

I feel like this is the first time in ages I've been free to take a breath. So, naturally, I'm going to use this time to attempt finishing FE 9 once and for all. In order to speed up the process, I think I'm going to cut a large section devoted to Millicent/Pansy power struggles and save it for the next chapter. As of now, the chapter is over 20 pages long. That seems pretty long until I remember the days of forty-page chapters. Oye vey. There's an intense confrontation between Pansy and Padma in this chapter that I've been wanting to write for years now, and it'll be awesome to finally unload it on y'all. Really, this is a fairly intense chapter overall, but I don't think anyone familiar with my writing can be surprised. Even my fluff is angst-laced. ;)

I hope you all have a great holiday!

P.S: I don't really have anything to offer in terms of Heroes meta this week. The episode was good and all, but my notes on it pretty much amounted to three lines. I guess the episode didn't inspire anything from me other than: MR. MUGGLES IS BACK, SADFACE CAUSE OF NO LYLE, and OMG PETER WATCHING NATHAN SLEEP. That pretty much covers it.
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Do your eyes deceive you? No! This is indeed an update of my ridiculously long-term WIP, Forgivable Expectations!

A cruel joke, you say? No! Not this time!

Title: Forgivable Expectations
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Dean/Pansy
Summary: Being a Slytherin is tough work these days. With the war brewing around her, Pansy has to deal with inner-house politics, unexpected rivals, and an undesired attraction to Dean Thomas. Includes an artistic Snape and a French Draco.

Indeed, here is Chapter 8: The Surest is Cowardice.

I swear, one of these days, I'm going to go back and edit up all of the previous seven chapters. That day is not this day! Keep that in mind, potential new readers. I started this baby years ago, and I'd like to think that my writing has improved by leaps and bounds. There were originally bucket loads worth of more plot planned for this fic, but the only hope for finally finishing this fic off was to cut it down. Hopefully, I'll be finished with it in its entirely within one to two more chapters. *Crosses fingers*
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I always know when my fic, Forgivable Expectations, gets put on a rec list or something, somewhere, because I suddenly get an influx of reviews and such after a long dry spell of nothing. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome. I love the fic, and who doesn't need validation? ^_^ Unfortunately, it also brings to light the reminder that the fic is in a major hiatus. People have been inquiring, so...

Final decision? I haven't made one. XD Okay, not true. I'm just not prepared to officially abandon the fic or to actually buckle down and finish it. So actual decision? Continued Hiatus, I suppose.

FE is not in an official state of abandonment, but I'm not focusing on fan fiction at the moment. I'm working on developing my first novel. The problem I've always had is that I can't write both original and fan fiction at the same time. I REALLY admire the authors 'round these parts that can. I'm just not one of them. D: When I was a young'n, I was always writing my own- admittedly retarded- stuff. Then, I discovered fan fiction, and it consumed my world. I wrote fan fiction, and most of my original ideas went away. It was, to say the least, concerning. Now, my head is full of my novel and I can't complete any of my fan fics. XD As much as I love the instant gratification that comes from writing fan fic, I don't think you could really blame me for focusing on my novel right now, eh? *Bambi eyes*

As always, I really appreciate the fact that there are still people who care about FE, and I'm always up for discussing it or whatever. I'm really sorry that I haven't been good about repaying the attention with updates. I suck, I know. But I looooves you? ;)


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