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Sometimes, I'm amazed by what I get away with. I dropped the ball majorly this week not once, but twice. I forgot about a paper/presentation until an hour before it was due, and I thought a test was another day until I was actually sitting there watching the professor hand out the test that I had in no way prepared myself for. I ran, by the way. Yes, indeed, straight out of the room, through the parking lot, and into my Daewo, within which I drove away from the campus and that test.

By all rights, I should suffer some serious consequences for being such an idiot this week, but I won't. Because I've somehow managed to turn this fumble into a victory with absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Go figure.


I'm finally caught up on Friday Night Lights. After a glorious first season, they had me a bit worried in season two, but season three entirely makes up for it. Well, except for the part where I'm left emotionally shattered. Street 'n Smash. I just... guh. This show is so good I can barely stand it. And as far as finales go, I almost wish they weren't coming back in a few weeks for a fourth season because the season three finale was so perfect it could have been the end. It's kinda ridiculous how much they make you care about these fictional characters.

Also, I had a revelation today about my novel-in-progress. In my story's underlying structure, I've been unintentionally mirroring the story of Moses/Exodus from the Bible. I can't believe I never realized it before! Just realizing what I've been doing has broken down so many walls and problems I've been having with it that I'm really excited about where I can go from here. Of course, this revelation is also a bit of a burden because now I have to think deep thoughts about all the new issues this raises in terms of character motivation (etc.)...
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Oh, Friday Night Lights season 2. What are you doing?



Seriously, stop that.
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Linking because it's awesome:

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And now for a rant.

Less amusing than actors playing characters over a decade younger than they are is the continuance of people in my life telling me that I'm a rare breed of sane Christian. It's usually meant as a compliment, but it's actually patronizing as hell. I'm not the exception to the rule. You just think I am because you don't know any better-- and how's that for patronizing? People seem to forget that lumping all Christians in as Bible-thumping hicks (a.k.a stupid) is just as ignorant as the assumption that all liberals are hell-bent (haha) on destroying Christians because they're amoral hedonists. It's true in some cases on both sides, but not in the sane majority.

Fact: I'm a Creationist. I believe in micro-evolution, which is evolution within a species, but I don't believe in macro-evolution, which dictates that one species can become another. In other words, I can believe that people used to be shorter than they are today, but I don't believe human beings were ever apes or primordial cells hanging out in the ocean. And you know what? You may disagree with me, but that doesn't make me stupid. And mistaking me for stupid would, frankly, make you stupid.

Another fact: I'm over-educated as hell, and I've read all the same books as you have-- but I'm Christian. And all that means is that I buy into a different theory than you do. Because they're both theories, and you aren't superior to me just because you carry a copy of Origin of Species under your arm. Making general assumptions about Christians or non-Christians just reveals that you have a limited perspective, and that's nothing to be proud of. If you clutch at Darwin but refuse to read the Bible while still insisting on shooting off your mouth about Christianity, then you are the ignorant one, because at least I've read both before coming to the table discussion. I wish people could hear themselves sometimes, as if they're doing me a favor by revealing their surprise that I can carry my own in a political/academic/scientific/philosophical/etc. discussion despite my "disadvantage." Bitch, please. I can play in your court, but can you play in mine? Nope. And by the way, that's not your court. That's mine, too. And, yeah, I'm getting carried away now, but there it is. Bitchy, self-righteous rant done.

Resume business as usual.


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