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On my continued journey through various animes, I've since sampled Naruto, D. Gray-man, Fullmetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis, and Love Hina. I LOVE all of the above except Love Hina and Prince of Tennis. I found the latter ridiculously boring and the former rather offensive.

I'm fully prepared to admit that it's something of a double-standard to be annoyed by the "harem" scenario when I found the "reverse harem" in Ouran High School Host Club thoroughly enjoyable. The reasons are a mystery, I know. ^_^ Nonetheless, Keitaro, with all of his fantasies and stupidity, offends me.

Resemblances I noticed (Warning: Picture heavy and non-spoilery references to Love Hina, Bleach, D. Gray-man, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and Kingdom Hearts):

If I ever wanted to know what Bleach's Gin would look like as a woman, Love Hina's Mitsune pretty much answers the question... )

Shinobu and Hinata vs. Naru and Sakura OR Nice Girls vs. Bitches... )

Kaolla a racist stereotype? Or just another Momiji/Honey? )

D. Gray-man's Komui is Bleach's Ishida with the personality of Tamaki from Ouran! )

Renji is ubiquitous in all my animes... )

Sasuke/Naruto is sooo Riku/Sora )

All of this was more to avoid the fact that my apartment is crawling with termits than actual in-depth analysis. Just keep that in mind. ^_^
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Okay, Shala, I finished watching the Fruits Basket anime. And OMG, could they have killed me anymore with that angst during the last two episodes??? Geez. The angst wasn't even warranted! At all! But I was still sniffling! WTF? How did they do that?

I waaaannntttssss mooooooorrreeee. Damn them for whatever reason they have for discontinuing the anime!

But I don't think I'm going to be able to read the manga! I tried, but I can't tell them apart, damn it! They all look the same! How am I supposed to have the slightest clue what's going on if I don't know who's speaking?? And why is Tohru not as cute in the manga? Is Kyo actually a brunette? *WHINE*
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OMG. [Bad username or site: @] is going to be the death of me. I laughed so hard that I definitely hurt myself.

What would make Gin change his expression?

Anyway... SHALA!!!! Why doesn't Momiji's mother love him????? WHY??? Fruits Basket is supposed to be my sugary happy time, so why is it tearing at my soul??? ;O
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Okay, Shala. I finally watched Fruits Basket.

And I'm in love. You were right. And so on. Kyo! He dragged her back by the hair! Awwww. The English voice actors are also really good this time around. Shocker, there.

Although, I'm definitely seeing certain trends in these "romantic" animes. For instance, Ouran's Haruhi and Tohru are both kind of hit-you-over-the-head perfect. And everyone- I mean everyone- is pretty quick to fall in love with them. They're so Mary-Sue that they must pre-date Mary-Sue. Mary-Sue's even more perfect aunt? However, for whatever reason, they don't inspire (at least, in me) the kind of revulsion that Mary-Sues do. I actually like them. She was living in a tent! There are also a handful of token stock characters that I'm seeing here. The over-sexed-but-not-really "pervert," the perfect girl at the center of everyone's universe, the bad boy just waiting for perfect girl to redeem him, the angsty emo boy just waiting for the perfect girl to cheer him up, etc. Not to mention the fact that everyone across the board looks exactly the same, but with different eye colors.

In any case, none of it is really bothering me yet. It's also kind of nice to get a break from the omg-so-long fight scenes of Bleach. So, weeeeeee!


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