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Being the T.A. for an anime/manga college course has its ups and downs-- I think I've mentioned that I'm doing that? Yes, I must have somewhere in between my recent ramblings about Sherlock Holmes. *Checks* Okay, maybe not, but I am! And this week included a major up!

My first time manning the class all on my own went a little shakily thanks to a particularly annoying student and thanks to the professor for putting me in charge of a ridiculous, experimental, class-wide group project that even he expects to fail-- "So I thought of putting you in charge of it!" he tells me. Yeah, thanks, dude.

But my second time up was simple as pie since I basically just had to put them into their various groups, keep them on task, and throw out the occasional bone. Took advantage of what will no doubt be the only opportunity I will ever have for showing college students clips of Bleach. What? I had to make sure they understood the difference between a RAW, a dub, and a fansub! Well, I guess I didn't really have to... Oh, hush! Don't judge me!

Anyway, I can now say that I adore those rascally little nerdlets (with some notable exceptions). Never has there been a nerdier class, y'all. I had a blast whilst wandering around the various groups and basically geeking out like whoa with them. When I showed random clips of Bleach, I even got several groans to the tune of, "But that's from the filler arc!" or "That's a spoiler!" D'awwww, nerdlets.

I have about two weeks to prepare an entire class on Ouran High School Host Club. Lord help me.
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It's always awesome when you rush all morning to finish a homework assignment, brave the Southern California freeways, and then almost die twice on said freeways on your way to class only to discover once you arrive that class has been canceled and you've wasted your expensive gas. In case you were wondering, none of those things are actually awesome.

I haven't posted much of anything lately that wasn't Heroes-related, but now that the show is on break (and my broken soul is in remission), I suppose I should give a RL update.

I've lost my mind and made a decision that is so absurd that it could only come from me. I mentioned some time ago that I was thinking about pursuing another Bachelor's degree in Social Work simultaneously as I worked on my Master's in English Comp/Lit. Well, it's altogether worse than that. After a meeting with a counselor, I've decided to go for a Master's in Social Work instead. And that means... double Mastering. Yup. Is there any logical reason for continuing with my Master's in English when I've already decided that my future is in social work? Nope. Am I gonna do it anyway for some completely illogical reason? Yup. Wish me luck, cause I am gonna need it.

Believe it or not, I wouldn't call myself an ambitious person. I'm just a compulsive double-majorer. And perhaps a slew of euphemisms for "crazy."


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