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Okay, I've seen HP 6 twice now and I'm ready for some commentary.

I've heard a lot of complaining from various people about all the changes made from the books-- which is completely valid criticism-- but to be honest I remember so little of the book that I barely noticed anything. Nor did I care because I'm not a fan of the last three books. So, keeping that in mind, almost all of my commentary is centered on the Slytherins and Death Eaters (because they are all I care about).

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Someone, somewhere, is watching a disturbing lack of Pansy scenes in HBP.

I, however, have to wait until tomorrow. This is the first HP movie I haven't midnight-seen excluding the first. I don't really feel like a midnight showing kind of fan anymore. More like a former fan going to see the last movie before Snape officially loses his balls to a horrible back story. Seriously, if I could just suck all the horribly written romance out of those last two books while keeping the main action minus the years upon years of pointless camping in the woods... *Sigh* But I cannot.

Anyway, on the other end of the fandom hord...

Here be an interesting essay about Nathan's future on Heroes. There are some interesting ideas about where the writers are going with WHAT HAPPENED but... no. I can't get on board with the idea that just because someone's been injected with false memories they become someone else. They may think they're that other person, but they aren't. Because it's a lie. Having false memories does not a soul transfer do. That thing is not my Nathan. No metaphysical argument about the concept of "the soul" is going to change my mind because the show hasn't allowed for/given a basis for such serious talk. There was no "transfer" of any kind. There was Matt Parkman and his magical mind rape. Nathan had no role in any of it because he was already gone.

Now, something worthy of meta is where the hell Parkman got those "memories" in the first place. Not from Nathan, obviously. From Angela, who was conveniently standing nearby? From a collection of memories he had retained from previous mind rapes of others?

Memories from other people are not enough to create a full identity, so they must have come from Nathan somehow. But the show has never given a basis for the idea that Parkman retains a mental residue from reading people's minds (a la Rogue). So... what? If the show tries to imply that Parkman took them from Nathan's cooling corpse, then so help me...

Hell, whom am I kidding? The writers are never going to address any of this. Ever.
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I'm finally starting to feel excited about HBP. Mainly because of THIS picture:


It's my Slytherins!! Pansy! Draco! Blaise! Crabbe 'n Goyle! PANSY!

As far as I'm concerned, the movie is all about them and Draco and Pansy lived happily ever after. The end.
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Weeeee! They recast Pansy for the next movie! I'm so pleased, because Lauren just wasn't... Yeah.

Here is a pic of the new Pansy. She's not Genevieve, but she's still so cute! In fact, she's the closest to how I always pictured "my" Pansy to look. This is good news, since I was afraid they would cut the head-in-the-lap scene. They wouldn't have bothered to recast her if they weren't going to use her, right? Right?

EDIT: Here's another pic of new!Pansy, and she's not cute anymore. She's hot. Since I'm not actually sure of her age at this time, I reserve the right to rescind this statement.


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