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Oh, show. Oh, show. I'm not caught up on Heroes, and I wasn't going to watch tonight either, but I happened to catch the opening scene with Peter and Sylar and ended up getting sucked in for the whole go.

Hmn. Hmn, says I.

This is not an episode review. This is some lengthy response meta to what happened tonight between Peter and Sylar. Apparently I have a whole plethora of thoughts.

Cut for spoilers, length, and my general confusion about what the writers are doing with Sylar (again). )
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Meta for whatever episode this was, I guess. Heh, can you feel my continued enthusiasm for this show? No? *Sigh*

Also contains preview spoilers for next week... )
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Oh, noooes, Heroes.

Heroes, we need to talk. Cut for spoilers for upcoming episodes. )
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Since it's very possible that I will be incoherent with grief and rage tonight after the death of a certain most favorite character in all the world. So, before I descend, here is a bit of happy in the form of my favorite Hark! A Vagrant! comic:


R.I.P John Paul II. You were so much better than Ratzinger.

I finally cracked the hell out of the Pansy/Dean scene in FE that's been kicking my ass for months. This scene has been a large part of the reason the fic has gone so long without an update, but I've finally emerged from the wilderness! I think my main issue was that I didn't know what I wanted from the scene, but some unexpected meaty/serious business finally emerged, and we are a go. Even without the Pansy/Millicent confrontation, I'm currently at 25 pages. Hopefully, the length and the tons of emotional shit I packed in will make up for the long hiatus.

Now, if I'm unable to write meta for tonight's Heroes episode, then I'm sure you'll understand. Please excuse me while I proceed to drown myself in the fifteen pages of academic writing I still have to do this week. D: D: D:
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Had a random conversation with an aging hippie musician in Starbucks today. The experience was charmingly disconcerting, like an organic core inside a mass consumerism peel. If that makes any sense.

I feel like this is the first time in ages I've been free to take a breath. So, naturally, I'm going to use this time to attempt finishing FE 9 once and for all. In order to speed up the process, I think I'm going to cut a large section devoted to Millicent/Pansy power struggles and save it for the next chapter. As of now, the chapter is over 20 pages long. That seems pretty long until I remember the days of forty-page chapters. Oye vey. There's an intense confrontation between Pansy and Padma in this chapter that I've been wanting to write for years now, and it'll be awesome to finally unload it on y'all. Really, this is a fairly intense chapter overall, but I don't think anyone familiar with my writing can be surprised. Even my fluff is angst-laced. ;)

I hope you all have a great holiday!

P.S: I don't really have anything to offer in terms of Heroes meta this week. The episode was good and all, but my notes on it pretty much amounted to three lines. I guess the episode didn't inspire anything from me other than: MR. MUGGLES IS BACK, SADFACE CAUSE OF NO LYLE, and OMG PETER WATCHING NATHAN SLEEP. That pretty much covers it.
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I sure as hell took my time getting to the Heroes meta this week. I think I'm starting to emotionally distance myself from the show again now that we're nearing a certain absolutely final because it's a character that I love and the writers hate me like that death.

My bitterness might, just might, start showing up in my meta. Shocking, I know.

The key word this week is anticlimactic... )
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Once again, it's time for [ profile] heroes_meta. Seriously, I promise that I'll make a real update tomorrow. Really!

Wherein I write some ACTUAL meta for once and not just bitchy snark... )
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Lately, it seems that I've only been posting for [Bad username or site: @]. I'll try to be better about that in the future.

But for now!

Once upon a time, in season one when the show was still good... until now... )
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If it's Monday, then it's time for [Bad username or site: @].

OMG, Heroes, please never do a seasonally themed episode ever again... )
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Oh my goodness.

After reading this heroes secret, I officially want Adrian Pasdar off of Heroes.

So that he can be on Mad Men.

Think of it: Pasdar, in all his shark-like, snarky glory vs. John Hamm, in all his shark-like, snarky glory. Wearing a jaw-dropping suit, he would stomp right into Sterling Cooper and raise some serious, sexy hell-- stealing secretaries and jobs left and right! Mmmmnnnn... Granted, Adrian would no doubt be playing more or less the same thing he always plays. Nathan Petrelli + Jim Profit + Mad Men = Delicious Yet Not Very Different Version of Pasdar. But who cares??? Because it would be Adrian Pasdar on Mad Men.

*Sigh* Of course, this will never happen because I already used up my fangirl wish when I wished for Aaron Stanford to be on Mad Men in a scene with his virtual twin, Vincent Kartheiser. Ah, well.
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My favorite episode in a long time. Not getting my hopes up too high, but this is still a good sign of things to come. Of course, I said that a time or two last season...

Meta, meta, meta... )
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Okay, so I apparently have enough thoughts on the first four episodes of Heroes this season to write meta. Better late than never.

Thoughts on S4 E4: Acceptance... )
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Yesterday was pretty much the worst a day could have been short of Hiroshima. Exaggeration? Yes. But painful, nonetheless.

On my way to taking Sophie to get fixed-- something I've felt somewhat morally opposed to, despite all the self-righteous shouts of fix your dog or you're going to HELL that I've been hearing from every corner of the globe-- my car died. At a stoplight. Just as the light turned green and several cars pulled up behind me. Awesome. We were late to the appointment, by the way.

My car apparently has a million things wrong with it just in time for my grad classes to start. In other words, when I need it in order to bounce between two different schools and work during the week.

Worst of all, I was at work when a migraine chose to rise from the depths of my shrinking capillaries. I was blinded by an altogether new kind of "floater" in my vision. Instead of the usual fuzzy white spots in my vision giving me that courtesy twenty minute warning to get my ass to a bathroom in case it's time to throw up and before I lose the power of coherent speech-- the new floater more resembles what I imagine having kaleidoscopes for eyes would be like. Over ten years into the game, and my migraines decide to change the game now?

So, now I'm in the migraine next-day hangover phase. And I haven't had a full night's sleep in a week. If somebody doesn't hand me a cookie soon, I might snap.

In Heroes news, I'm still not sure if I'm going to be continuing to write the weekly meta. I caught the second half of the premiere, and I was so ridiculously bored I had to fight the impulse not to re-watch episodes of Glee instead. I really think my investment in this show is as dead as Nathan Petrelli's corpse. My love for the show has always been based on a love for the Petrelli brothers, so what am I supposed to cling to now? Matt Parkman? Ando? The excellent, coherent, continuity-respecting writing? HA-- just kidding! I wish. But I love [Bad username or site: @] and my fannish friends, so we'll see.

In other news, Glee is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Makes me happy times a thousand.
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It's fascinating to read old meta on shows I watched a long time ago or in isolation from other viewers/fandom. Particularly Angel because I've loved the show for a decade or so but I wasn't involved in fandom when it originally aired and for some reason I never bothered to look up meta after I was-- until now. Angel exists in a special, happy place for me, so it was really jarring for me to come upon some really caustic, take-the-bitch-apart meta. Not in a "how DARE you talk about my baby that way" kinda way, but in a "what the heck are you talking about/I never saw that/where is this coming from" kinda way.

Lesson learned: Watching a show in isolation, without outside input, or in one go through a complete series can greatly alter how you view said show compared to if you watch it one week at a time and participate in its fandom. For instance, I watched BSG all the way through in one go, so I never had time to sift through the epic mythology of the show or to form my own opinions about it while waiting years for the big reveals. But I just read some meta from people who did and, whoa (surprise), were they pissed at the series finale (which I thought was gorgeous). The same goes for Heroes. I zipped right through S1 with no expectations and loved it without seeing the issues I read about later in meta. For instance, isolated as I was from fandom, I had no idea that people were expecting a huge, epic Peter vs. Sylar fight in the S1 finale. How disappointed they were. And look at how bitter I am now (though not about that)!

Final conclusion: Fandom creates a sense of entitlement, and giving fans time to stew in their own creative juices and inputs to the story/mythology is just asking for trouble. Don't give the fans time to think! Wait, that isn't news? Oh, never mind.

During all this meta surfing, I came to another startling conclusion: I don't think I actually like Spike. GASP. )
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Someone, somewhere, is watching a disturbing lack of Pansy scenes in HBP.

I, however, have to wait until tomorrow. This is the first HP movie I haven't midnight-seen excluding the first. I don't really feel like a midnight showing kind of fan anymore. More like a former fan going to see the last movie before Snape officially loses his balls to a horrible back story. Seriously, if I could just suck all the horribly written romance out of those last two books while keeping the main action minus the years upon years of pointless camping in the woods... *Sigh* But I cannot.

Anyway, on the other end of the fandom hord...

Here be an interesting essay about Nathan's future on Heroes. There are some interesting ideas about where the writers are going with WHAT HAPPENED but... no. I can't get on board with the idea that just because someone's been injected with false memories they become someone else. They may think they're that other person, but they aren't. Because it's a lie. Having false memories does not a soul transfer do. That thing is not my Nathan. No metaphysical argument about the concept of "the soul" is going to change my mind because the show hasn't allowed for/given a basis for such serious talk. There was no "transfer" of any kind. There was Matt Parkman and his magical mind rape. Nathan had no role in any of it because he was already gone.

Now, something worthy of meta is where the hell Parkman got those "memories" in the first place. Not from Nathan, obviously. From Angela, who was conveniently standing nearby? From a collection of memories he had retained from previous mind rapes of others?

Memories from other people are not enough to create a full identity, so they must have come from Nathan somehow. But the show has never given a basis for the idea that Parkman retains a mental residue from reading people's minds (a la Rogue). So... what? If the show tries to imply that Parkman took them from Nathan's cooling corpse, then so help me...

Hell, whom am I kidding? The writers are never going to address any of this. Ever.
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Oh, I've hit a summer vacation LOW, my friends.

My little sister, young teen that she is, loves the Canadian, teen-drama show Degrassi. I've mocked her mercilessly for this, as is my way, but this past weekend found me planted in front of the television with her during a marathon for lack of anything better to do. It was presumably to mock, but you know you've hit rock bottom when you turn to ask your 'lil sis a question only to realize that you've been watching Degrassi ALONE for ages. And worse? You actually know all the little scamp's names and have a vague idea of their storylines and relationships. Palm, meet face.

I'm feeling fairly burnt out on everything at the moment. Burnt out on school, burnt out on fandoms, burnt out on summer vacation (all three days of it), burnt out in general. Star Trek Reboot was fun while it lasted, but I've already managed to burn myself out on that one, too. As is, again, my way.

I've also taken the time to work on my novel-in-progress and the second-to-last chapter of Forgivable Expectations. Both are frustrating me. The former because, much as I want to shoot for the YA market, my story is defying me and going in directions that are going to make it a bitch to market at a time when only "sure thing," marketable books are getting published. The latter because writing FE is just plain frustrating all around. The story is pretty much defined by "teenage angst," which makes my skin crawl right now. But I'm plowing ahead because I owe my readers for their patience and loyalty. Though, a good many of them are probably going to be REALLY annoyed with me when they see how I'm ending things. Hopefully not!

Speaking of unsatisfactory endings... The Honeydew Syndrome webcomic ended on a completely unsatisfactory note. And by "unsatisfactory," I mean "absolute suck." Too bad.

Oh, yeah, and this news: Bryan Fuller Exits Heroes. This is pretty much the death knell.
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[Bad username or site: @].

I had to take a few days to allow the alternating numbness and fury to subside before I could bear to watch the episode again in order to write the meta. But I did it.

So here it is. )
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I tried to write the meta.

I couldn't do it. I'll try again tomorrow maybe.
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Have I mentioned that I really, really don't want to lose Nathan on Monday's season finale?

Oh, I have? Well, I'm gonna say it one more time. I've thought about it long and hard, weighed the contributions of all the individual characters and actors, and I've come to the conclusion that I'd sacrifice the lot of them to keep Nathan Petrelli alive and well on my television screen. Well, everyone except Peter, but I consider the Petrelli brothers a set so he doesn't count.

I've put up with a lot from this show-- plotholes, continuity rape, character assassinations, paternity shenanigans, fail!science, bad wigs, beards worthy of your local neighborhood rapist, plots that would make even soap opera writers blush in embarrassment, etc.-- and I sure as hell didn't put up with all that for Matt Parkman. Or Claire. Or anyone other than the freaking Petrelli brothers. *Weeps*


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