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Oh, I've hit a summer vacation LOW, my friends.

My little sister, young teen that she is, loves the Canadian, teen-drama show Degrassi. I've mocked her mercilessly for this, as is my way, but this past weekend found me planted in front of the television with her during a marathon for lack of anything better to do. It was presumably to mock, but you know you've hit rock bottom when you turn to ask your 'lil sis a question only to realize that you've been watching Degrassi ALONE for ages. And worse? You actually know all the little scamp's names and have a vague idea of their storylines and relationships. Palm, meet face.

I'm feeling fairly burnt out on everything at the moment. Burnt out on school, burnt out on fandoms, burnt out on summer vacation (all three days of it), burnt out in general. Star Trek Reboot was fun while it lasted, but I've already managed to burn myself out on that one, too. As is, again, my way.

I've also taken the time to work on my novel-in-progress and the second-to-last chapter of Forgivable Expectations. Both are frustrating me. The former because, much as I want to shoot for the YA market, my story is defying me and going in directions that are going to make it a bitch to market at a time when only "sure thing," marketable books are getting published. The latter because writing FE is just plain frustrating all around. The story is pretty much defined by "teenage angst," which makes my skin crawl right now. But I'm plowing ahead because I owe my readers for their patience and loyalty. Though, a good many of them are probably going to be REALLY annoyed with me when they see how I'm ending things. Hopefully not!

Speaking of unsatisfactory endings... The Honeydew Syndrome webcomic ended on a completely unsatisfactory note. And by "unsatisfactory," I mean "absolute suck." Too bad.

Oh, yeah, and this news: Bryan Fuller Exits Heroes. This is pretty much the death knell.
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On the RL front, my second interview with Jesse Rhodes went sooo much better! It helps when you've actually done your research and have a prepared list of questions. It was neat because I wasn't expecting to be interviewing real bands or performers (was expecting more local newbies), but this guy was previously signed with Warner when he was with his band, Stegosaurus. They opened for Weezer and so on. Anyway.

Maggie and I checked out the bar that I'm mainly previewing for, and it was fun. Fell in love with the band United by Sound. Also, Kathryn East came up to spend Saturday, and I did my best to get her drunk over a beer sampler set. To no avail.

On the fandom front, I have new fandoms! Yay! I've recently become obsessed with the Honeydew Syndrome web comic. The comic's adorable, and there's lots of fic! Yay! I'm in love with Charles/Metis, but the predominant fandom ship is definitely the canon couple, Josh/Metis. Ah, well. I adore Josh/Metis, but I'd still love to see more Charles/Metis fic.

I also finally checked out 3:10 to Yuma (wanted to see what [Bad username or site: @] was so excited about. ;)), and I'm in love. Fandom loves Charlie, but I'm digging on Ben/Dan. Slashiest Western in existence, by the way.

P.S: Totally bought the Special Edition of Sweeney Todd! Eee!


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