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Yeeeeeesssss. Almost two years in the making. Brief but beautiful, my friends. Brief but beautiful.

And here's the spread for Nicole:


Ishida's way off in the background again. Lonely, lonely Ishida. ;)

And why does the Mexican dude have to do all the heavy lifting? XD
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Weeee. New Bleach pairing poll results.

IchiRuki still at #1, baby. Damn straight.

Ichigo/Orihime moved up the list... to #50. *Snerk* Beneath Kon/Ririn, Ichigo/Karin, and Ichigo/Nell. So, apparently the Japanese fans prefer pedophilia, incest, and plushie-sex to IchiHime. What? I don't get to be vindictively pleased? Pfft. But I shall be vindictively pleased. I shall be.

Pretty sure Kaien/Rukia moved up since last time to #33. Yay! Gorgeous, near-death flashbacks will do that.

Not surprised that Uliquiorra/Orihime is at #2. Okay, that's a lie, because I really am. But not really if one considers that bitch-slapping is such a huge fangirl turn-on. For the obvious reasons. ;)

Renji/Hinamori moved down from #4 to #6. Still a major wha??? Not opposed so much as damned confused. Is Hinamori actually some sort of Japanese-crack that's lost in translation to me? Is Stockholm Syndrome total smex over there? Must be, since she's paired with everyone.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: the Japanese are freakin' crazy. But sometimes crazy is awesome. Like when IchiRuki tops IchiHime by 50 spots.
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Hold the phones.

Kubo actually worked on the Bounto filler arc??? How so?? Does that mean that he was simultaneously working on both the filler and manga arc? Or did they just occasionally consult him on things? Or did he actually have nothing at all to do with it, and I should stop surfing through old posts on the ichi_ruki community?

And more importantly... Does that make all of that IchiRuki goodness actual... canon? Hmn. ;)
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I hate to feel myself becoming a rabid fangirl (too late, I know), but I really don't understand why all of my favorite IchiRuki moments feel so downsized in the anime.

It's not just the rephrasing, like when Rukia's line about Ichigo being in her heart was changed. It's the looks and the pacing, possibly. I think there's also a lot less of that stuttering between them in the anime (which is saying something- *snicker*). Ichigo's face while Orihime was healing Rukia was intense in the manga. Not to forget his expression- which I can only call the crazed-widower look- when he and Rukia were reunited after the SS Arc. Of course, the Bounto Arc kind of sucked the significance of their reunion right on out of there since it had only been, like, a week or something since they'd last seen each other in the anime. *FacePalm*

Then again, I was never disappointed with their moments in the anime before I was caught up in the manga.

Hmn. So... the problem is with me? Oh, I hate it when that happens. :P


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