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Oh my goodness.

After reading this heroes secret, I officially want Adrian Pasdar off of Heroes.

So that he can be on Mad Men.

Think of it: Pasdar, in all his shark-like, snarky glory vs. John Hamm, in all his shark-like, snarky glory. Wearing a jaw-dropping suit, he would stomp right into Sterling Cooper and raise some serious, sexy hell-- stealing secretaries and jobs left and right! Mmmmnnnn... Granted, Adrian would no doubt be playing more or less the same thing he always plays. Nathan Petrelli + Jim Profit + Mad Men = Delicious Yet Not Very Different Version of Pasdar. But who cares??? Because it would be Adrian Pasdar on Mad Men.

*Sigh* Of course, this will never happen because I already used up my fangirl wish when I wished for Aaron Stanford to be on Mad Men in a scene with his virtual twin, Vincent Kartheiser. Ah, well.
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Linking because it's awesome:

Caught up with Mad Men. Some thoughts. )

Also, I'm halfway through S1 of Friday Night Lights. Some thoughts. )

And now for a rant.

Less amusing than actors playing characters over a decade younger than they are is the continuance of people in my life telling me that I'm a rare breed of sane Christian. It's usually meant as a compliment, but it's actually patronizing as hell. I'm not the exception to the rule. You just think I am because you don't know any better-- and how's that for patronizing? People seem to forget that lumping all Christians in as Bible-thumping hicks (a.k.a stupid) is just as ignorant as the assumption that all liberals are hell-bent (haha) on destroying Christians because they're amoral hedonists. It's true in some cases on both sides, but not in the sane majority.

Fact: I'm a Creationist. I believe in micro-evolution, which is evolution within a species, but I don't believe in macro-evolution, which dictates that one species can become another. In other words, I can believe that people used to be shorter than they are today, but I don't believe human beings were ever apes or primordial cells hanging out in the ocean. And you know what? You may disagree with me, but that doesn't make me stupid. And mistaking me for stupid would, frankly, make you stupid.

Another fact: I'm over-educated as hell, and I've read all the same books as you have-- but I'm Christian. And all that means is that I buy into a different theory than you do. Because they're both theories, and you aren't superior to me just because you carry a copy of Origin of Species under your arm. Making general assumptions about Christians or non-Christians just reveals that you have a limited perspective, and that's nothing to be proud of. If you clutch at Darwin but refuse to read the Bible while still insisting on shooting off your mouth about Christianity, then you are the ignorant one, because at least I've read both before coming to the table discussion. I wish people could hear themselves sometimes, as if they're doing me a favor by revealing their surprise that I can carry my own in a political/academic/scientific/philosophical/etc. discussion despite my "disadvantage." Bitch, please. I can play in your court, but can you play in mine? Nope. And by the way, that's not your court. That's mine, too. And, yeah, I'm getting carried away now, but there it is. Bitchy, self-righteous rant done.

Resume business as usual.
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Yes, I have indeed spent the past few weeks catching up with what everyone else is or has already been watching.

I've begun watching Mad Men, Dexter S2, Pushing Daisies, and Battlestar Galactica. I'm a disc or two into all of the above, and so far all appear to be excellent. Though, I could do with less misogyny (MM), Lilah (D2), and dissing on Olive (PD). Oh, and I'll add How I Met Your Mother to that list, but I'm marking it down as "just okay." It's better than most situational sitcoms, but I don't generally like situational sitcoms (no, not even Friends), so... yeah.

I acknowledge Mad Men's brilliance and will definitely continue with it, but I admit to struggling with the fact that I hate pretty much every character. And while I understand that two of the show's major strengths are the subtlety and languid pacing, it's forced me to realize that I'm just too ingrained with the now-now-show-me-now mentality of my generation to genuinely appreciate those "strengths" beyond the concept of them. In other words, my mind wanders a lot. Much rewinding.

I hesitated on watching season two of Dexter because season one was so unbelievably amazing (especially the last few episodes) that I didn't think s2 could do anything but go downhill. Glad I was wrong. But nothing could ever be as good as those last few episodes. For srs.

Pushing Daisies is darling, but for some ridiculous reason I keep balking against the overtness of Ned/Chuck. I know I'm supposed to like them and root for them, and I genuinely don't know why I'm not. Possibly because I instinctively identified and sided with Olive? Don't know.

I had to watch BG once and for all after even my professor insisted that this show is amazing. But it's frustrating me, because my mind keeps wandering away (usually during technical or battle scenes) only to be forced back by something awesome happening. Granted, I'm only through the mini series, so perhaps it won't be so bad when it's not a straight four hours. Unsurprisingly, Gaius Baltar is probably going to be this show for me, much as the Petrelli brothers are Heroes. I love my pretty assholes, yes, I do.


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