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I'm finally starting to feel excited about HBP. Mainly because of THIS picture:


It's my Slytherins!! Pansy! Draco! Blaise! Crabbe 'n Goyle! PANSY!

As far as I'm concerned, the movie is all about them and Draco and Pansy lived happily ever after. The end.
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Weeeee! They recast Pansy for the next movie! I'm so pleased, because Lauren just wasn't... Yeah.

Here is a pic of the new Pansy. She's not Genevieve, but she's still so cute! In fact, she's the closest to how I always pictured "my" Pansy to look. This is good news, since I was afraid they would cut the head-in-the-lap scene. They wouldn't have bothered to recast her if they weren't going to use her, right? Right?

EDIT: Here's another pic of new!Pansy, and she's not cute anymore. She's hot. Since I'm not actually sure of her age at this time, I reserve the right to rescind this statement.
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Okay, who the hell wrote out Pansy's Wikipedia entry?

Draco's love interest "by default?" Um, nuh-uh. Seriously, though, that entry leaves something to be desired. Half of it's wrong anyway.

If no one has fixed it by the time I'm finished with finals, then I'm going all out on a new entry for her. I'm talking sources, quotes, and pictures, people. It will be a manifesto. I'm already organizing it in my head.

*Is Pansy's fangirl*
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You know what?

I love Lily Evans Potter. I also love Pansy Parkinson. Even if I never complete or even read another fic about either of them, they will still have my heart. Forever. They are my favorite heroines, and that is all there is. I love them to my own detriment, because -whenever I try to write anyone else- I always come back to them.

**This is the most I've allowed myself to think/comment on Harry Potter in a long time. Books 5 and 6 severely crippled my love and fascination with the series, but maybe I'm finally starting to get into the idea of the book and movie coming out next month. Maybe. We'll see.
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Son of a bitch.

I'd heard the rumor that Cho was going to be the one ratting out the D.A in the upcoming Harry Potter movie, but I didn't think that it would come to this. Picture gakked from [Bad username or site: @].

Cho... is in the Inquisitor's Squad? Pansy is... blocked in the shot? (That red circle indicates where Pansy is). So, even now, Pansy is getting pushed to the sidelines for bipolar, WHORE Cho? Are you kidding me? As much as I love the idea of villainizing Cho more so than necessary, I don't want it at the expense of Pansy! Bah!

AND WHY IS DRACO LEANING ON HER???? Nicole doesn't think that he is, but it sure looks like it to me. *Fumes* Pansy, kiiiilllllssss her for touching your man!


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