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Male Professor apparently prostrated himself sincerely enough to anyone and everyone who would listen, and he's skating by with a slap on the wrist. I still feel very ambivalent about the whole thing.

It doesn't help that Male Professor kept us twenty minutes over the class time today to rant about the current U.S. drug policies and Mexico when he was just complaining about how Female Professor wastes her class time by talking about her "lifestyle" and politics-- which is exactly what he did today. His religious views and former drug habit have nothing to do with No Country for Old Men, trust me. He also has to remind us fifty times a class that he's not pushing his religion on us but... *Sigh* I think I have to take back what I said about being excited to be in his class. In fact, I think I'm going to hate this class, and it has nothing to do with the actual material because we're apparently never going to talk about it until we hit his personal memoir about his religious views and former drug habit. So glad I wasted my money buying the textbooks, then. *Double sigh*

I also hate the rest of the students in the class. There's a girl who is determined to get the professor to admit that there's a super secret formula for creative writing that she can follow to write well. She drives me nuts with what I-- in all my elitist narcissism-- deem to be really stupid, inane questions, like "Do I have to end every line of dialogue with 'he said'?" She can't seem to wrap her head around the concept of personal writing style because she's set on the notion that there must be only one correct way to write. I know not everyone is a writer, but come on. Plus, everyone in the class automatically went down in my estimation when they decided to rant against Female Professor's "gay agenda" last class, and they're not elevating my opinion any by wasting so much class time talking about their personal lives or their religious views. Because I don't care. I don't haul my ass to campus to hear about them. Did your personal life influence how Cormac McCarthy wrote No Country? No? Didn't think so.

I have a somewhat pathological aversion to inconveniencing or imposing on people, which includes wasting their time with things they don't care about (even the length of this entry is making me itchy), and I've also never been comfortable around people who insist on discussing their religious views. So I really don't understand people who feel comfortable taking up class time in a room full of strangers by talking about their religious views and/or personal life. It's just a completely different mindset, I guess.

Apparently I needed a rant of my own. ^^; Disclaimer: I firmly blame my raging PMS for the vitriolic nature of this post. That is all.
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My day took a random turn into Bizarre Land when it was revealed to me that two of my current professors are apparently feuding with each other over religious tolerance, freedom of speech, and the "gay agenda." Oh, boy.

The breakdown... )

This is a fairly awkward situation for me because I really like both Male and Female Professor. I'm excited to be taught by Male Professor, who is a published author, a great teacher, and an extremely interesting guy. I don't want him to be fired. I also understand his frustration with the anti-Christian sentiment typical of universities. He has a point when he says that tolerance goes both ways. He's also particularly sensitive about his religion because he believes it saved his life from drug and alcohol abuse. I even agree that the picture on Female Professor's door was inappropriate. There's no reason for pornography to be on her door, and it was mean-spirited to bait a co-worker she knows is of a differing religion, especially on a particularly special religious holiday.

HOWEVER, he had no right to touch Female Professor's personal property or to infringe on her free speech. He was whining that he's in no way intimidating, but Male Professor has bulging biceps, a history with cocaine, and I can easily see how he would be intimidating when angry and shouting. Female Professor didn't get where she is today by letting men bully her or tell her to be quiet. Especially not men who have a problem with her "gay agenda." As someone entirely supportive of that agenda and as someone who thinks Female Professor is entirely awesome, I definitely see her position. But I still think it would be both an overreaction to get Male Professor fired and an example of how tolerance really doesn't go both ways. It's hardly fair to constantly bait someone and then get all offended when they have the audacity to actually get upset.

In essence, it was an uncomfortable day for me. ^^;


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