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I now have two versions of the Slumdog Millionaire DVD. Why two, you ask? Because the bigwigs at Fox Home Entertainment are greedy bastards, and they decided it would be a good idea to take the Special Features off of DVDs going to rental places to save money. But some smarties accidentally put the DVDs without Special Features in the boxes for wide distribution. The result? I bought a defective DVD. Fox sent me a replacement super quick, but there's a weird buzzing over the Special Features menu, meaning that I have two defective DVDs now. Out of spite, I don't think I'm going to send back the spare one.

But whatever! I have the movie, the end. My only disappointment is that I was hoping that some of the deleted scenes would give me some insight into Salim's character. I need a bridge or some kind of explanation for the journey of his character, but alas, no. I'll have to fill it in myself, I suppose. *Sigh*
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So that thing about getting over Slumdog Millionaire now that the Oscars are over? Lies. I saw it again today, and the torch burns bright. I jokingly asked my mother afterward if she could guess who my favorite character was, and she said, "Salim," with no hesitation whatsoever. Why? Because she knows me. If somebody doesn't write me some Jamal/Salim fic right soon, I'm going to have a conniption. I know without even trying that I couldn't do it.

Fanfic addict that I am, it drives me crazy when I can't find fic for my ship of the moment. Because, as everyone knows, Rule #34 says that if it exists, then there is porn for it. Thomas the Tank Engine fic? It exists. So why can't I have Slumdog Millionaire and well-written Arthur/Morgaine fic for Mists of Avalon? I've been looking for the latter for years now. YEARS. I know I can't be the only one who loves that pairing and wants porn for it.

At the very least, there must be a Slumdog lj community somewhere around here. I would about kill for a pretty Slumdog layout. Must look...
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Yay, Slumdog Millionaire wins everything! Fantastic. When is that movie going to come out on DVD so that I can own it forever and ever? And "Jai Ho" won Best Song! Now I am satisfied and maybe I can stop obsessing about this movie and finally move on with my life. Until the DVD comes out.

Anyway, it's time for [Bad username or site: @].

Wherein pretty much nothing is revealed... )
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Slumdog Millionaire sweeps the BAFTAs!

Yay! Now, just ten Oscars to go before I feel that SM has garnered all of the accolades that it deserves.

Also, more pictures of JDM in Watchmen. Aaklwjka!!! The man's hotness combined with the Comedian's wrongness does naughty things to me.
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Oh, hell yes!

Jesse McCartney had "scheduling conflicts," so now Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire is going to play Zuko in the Avatar movie!

They still haven't gotten the ethnicity right, but this is still a step in the right direction. And on a purely superficial level, I looooves me some Dev Patel. Some community members at [Bad username or site: @] are concerned that only recasting Zuko and not any of the main actors turns it into another example of the "evil brown kid harassing those poor white kids," but I don't know how I feel about that at this point.

I can't see much right now beyond the fact that I looooove Dev Patel. XD
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Guess who got asked to open the Academy Awards this year?

Was that A.R. Rahman with a performance of "Jai Ho," you say?


I watched Repo: The Genetic Opera and... yeah. I can't say that I hated it, but I kind of did. There were a few songs that I liked, and Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman were amazing (as expected), but... I don't know. I feel like it tries too hard to be a cult hit to actually be a cult hit. However, I understand that it already is a cult hit, so obviously I'm wrong. ^^; I can't say that it's too "dark" for me (I love Rocky, Sweeney, and Little Shop immensely), but I will say that it's too gross for me. I've never seen a Saw movie-- I never will-- but it's clear that Repo shares the same director. The over-the-top goth costumes had me rolling my eyes. Only Sarah Brightman could pull that off, and that's because she's Sarah freaking Brightman (and she's also probably a little insane). So, yeah, I don't know.
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Awww! The Slumdog cast won Best Ensemble Cast at the SAGs!

Best quote ever: "We each get our own award!?" an incredulous Dev Patel exclaimed after the "Slumdog Millionaire" ensemble won for outstanding cast in a motion picture. He was even more excited when he was told that the children in the film would also receive trophies. "They're all going to have one of these in Mumbai?! They don't even weigh as much as this!" I repeat: Awww!

I hope "Jai Ho" wins Best Song at the Oscars. It's been on repeat pretty much non-stop for the past two days on my iPod. Best soundtrack ever.


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