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The Scrubs season/possibly series finale was so beautiful and perfect that I hope the show really is canceled so that it can go off on a high note before another season can come along and ruin it. Besides, Scrubs without J.D. is no Scrubs at all.

But ZOMG, Supernatural. After the Heroes season finale, I cannot take any more angst from you. Nor can I handle the death of my favorite she-demon, you hear me?

I am really excited to see Star Trek tomorrow! In the spirit of anticipation, have yourself a freaking hilarious Fake News Report from The Onion on how Star Trek fans are disappointed by the movie because it's fun, exciting, and understandable. Unlike the original show.


Apr. 24th, 2009 11:09 pm
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I finally saw last night's Supernatural. And you know what?

It's not funny to call your episode "Jump the Shark" when you're actually jumping the shark.

That is all. :(
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Grease is kind of the worst movie in the world. Ridiculous in every possible way. And yet, it has one of the best soundtracks. It's kind of like Across the Universe in that way. And Purple Rain. And Dirty Dancing.

And every movie from the '80s.

Oh, yeah, and the Winchester Gospel is the most cracked out thing ever. You hear me, Supernatural? And where the hell is my Ruby? Tonight seemed an ample opportunity for her to bust in and kick some Lilith ass.
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Oh, Supernatural, I love you so hard. So very hard.

I love the road Sam is going down this season and the re-emphasis on how this isn't the life he wanted. Granted, it feels a little disjointed from S3, when he seemed at peace with the fact that he would never have a normal life, but whatever. Those kids playing the Wee!chesters were freaking adorable and aptly cast. And ZOMG, gym teacher!Dean. Awesome.

I'm oddly going through a That '70s Show phase, probably due to the fact that every channel ever is apparently running the reruns right now. I've started searching around for Jackie/Hyde fic, paying homage to one of my '90s OTPs. But I'm avoiding watching Season 8 for the obvious reasons, though I'm tempted to watch it if only to see how the heck the writers justified hooking Jackie up with Fez (I stopped watching after Jackie and Hyde broke up for good). :(
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I'm feeling sickly today, so I'm going to bitch about SPN. In essence, I don't think I want to explore Supernatural fandom after all. I'll stick to the fic.

I've barely dipped my feet in by scrolling through comments to the Ruby fics I've found so far, and WTF fandom? What is with all this Ruby hate? She's the best female character to enter the scene since Ellen (and please don't tell me that there's Ellen-hate, too, because I will flip a bitch). Sam/Ruby is hot. I'm shipping them like crazy right now. Though, granted, Genevieve Cortese can barely act, but I'm still clinging to my Katie!Ruby love. And that scene between Sam and Ruby? HOT, says I. Since I'm never gonna get to see Dean and Sam go at it like that on the show, color me pleased.

I also keep stumbling on the kind of bitchiness that I usually reserve for Heroes. It's not that I'm saying that SPN doesn't deserve the same love and attention that Heroes gets. But maybe it's just that I feel like Heroes deserves tons of bitchy meta from across its fandom after the show set itself up for these huge expectations that they haven't been able to meet, and SPN never pretended to be anything other than it was. This show is too campy and monster-of-the-week for that crap. There was an episode about a racist serial killer truck. Enough said. Everyone needs to calm down and stop harshin' on my squees.
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I just finished Season 3 of Supernatural, just in time for classes to start up again tomorrow.

OMG, I loved S3 so much. Cut for lengthy meta squees... )
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Dude. I know that Supernatural is Wincesty, but I'm only three episodes into S3, and it's hitting a whole new level. I don't know if they'll ever top the whole "I can't and won't live without you" bit in S2, but S3 opened with Dean having pantomime sex through a motel curtain while Sam watched. And Dean not only knew that Sam was watching, but he gave him a happy thumbs up. Bwuh?

Not to mention this bit from Ben Edlund, SPN's co-executive producer, in the commentary: "The introduction of female characters to this universe is really difficult because you have a lot of devotees of Sam and Dean, and the idea that they would look elsewhere or that they would turn away from their own brotherly love, or whatever it is, there's a real challenge to providing new characters in this universe, a resistance to it."

I'm such a noob to Supernatural that I'm shocked by this. This sounds like a blatant acknowledgment and endorsement for Wincest. Again: Bwuh? No wonder I've heard rumors of this fandom being so insane. You can't feed the fangirls too much or else they get rabid and start following you home and then showing up under your sink or in your closet just when you thought you got rid of them. Danger, Will Robinson!
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Just finished Season Two of Supernatural! And HOT DAMN, that was good! Yeah, my denial is over. I love this show. If I had a bag full of Emmys, then I would hand the whole thing over to Jensen Ackles. Who knew that the guy who kept showing up on various WB shows for extended guest appearances over the course of my adolescence had such strong acting chops? I'm soo glad that his stay on the crap hill that is Smallville didn't work out for the long term. See? Everything happens for a reason.

And have I mentioned how much I adore Dean and his co-dependency issues? A billion times, you say?

My only disappointment with S2 was the quick elimination of the psychic brigade in the finale. Ava, Andy, and Sam could have easily formed a spin-off that I would have tuned in religiously to watch. After listening to Kripke's commentary on the first half of the finale, it became clear to me that he and I disagree profoundly on what made the season interesting. My favorite episodes are the ones involving the psychic brigade, and Kripke admits to finding them boring compared to his monsters of the week. I couldn't care less about monsters of the week. I need an emotional investment in the characters or else there's no point, and the monsters of the week tend to blur together in my mind. But whatever. As far as complaints go, that's pretty sparse for me. I could emote twenty pages of whining after each Heroes episode this season, so I'm sitting pretty right now in Supernatural land.
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I'm currently doing a RL jig, because my first quarter as a grad student went spectacularly. I have a 4.0 for the first time since P.E. grades started being calculated into my GPA (still bitter about that). I bonded with my geeky professor, and he liked my paper on Ouran High School Host Club so much that he's chosen it as one of his two submissions to the Children's Literature Association's graduate essay contest. I'm having trouble believing that a paper I wrote about Ouran of all things is actually going to be taken seriously as a contender, but I'm excited because the nomination alone will be neat to put on my resume. But on the down side, it means that I have to do further revisions to the paper that ate up my life and that I thought myself to finally be free of. For a paper that he supposedly loved and gave an A+, he marked the hell out of it. Ah, well. Worth it.

I'm deep into S2 of Supernatural, and I'm officially sucked in. S1 was fun, but it was mostly meat-free. The little meat that there was? Good enough to sustain me throughout, but S2 is sooo much better! Cut for lengthy squees and some Petrellicest comparisons... )

Lastly, I seriously want to know if the Netflicks people even bother to watch the DVDs they summarize. Because here's the Heroes S3 summary:

"The dark forces rise up and gather with even more strength as a rejuvenated Sylar (Zachary Quinto) joins them in their attempt to destroy the Earth once and for all in the third season of the riveting smash hit sci-fi series. Meanwhile, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) try to pull their mother back from the dark side."

LOL, I mean, what? I must have been watching a different season than this guy, and I would love to get a look at that show. Sylar takes on the planet? Peter and Nathan ganging up on Angela? No contest. Angela and Sylar win. The end. Unless it's Woobie!Sylar.
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Fandom finally broke me down, and I just finished the first season of Supernatural.

And, okay, I get it. Are you happy? It's a fun show that I don't have to actually think too hard about to enjoy. The Wincest is definitely present, though I still firmly believe that Nathan and Peter Petrelli could out-incest the Winchester brothers any day. I'm digging the Dean->Sam, because whoa does that boy have co-dependency issues that I can sink my teeth into. From what I've heard, it gets a thousand times worse for him (and better for me, because that's how I roll). Throw me some fics, people!

But the best part of Supernatural? Jeffery Dean Morgan, ladies and gentlemen. MAGGIE, if you're reading this, then you need to see this guy, because he looks exactly like Javier Bordem. An American Javier Bardem. Damn if that man isn't fine. I've spawned a crush on him half-a-dozen times without connecting all the random guest appearances on things (Angel, Weeds, etc.) to the one guy. I've even braved a few Grey's Anatomy episodes because his hotness wouldn't allow me to change the channel.

Oh, and THIS? JDM in The Watchmen = All Kinds of Dirty!Bad!Hot!Wrong )

Random rec, but this week's Wonderella was freaking hilarious. Poor Batman. He never should have given her his phone number.


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