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I was stuck in traffic behind this car today, and their license plate holder read: "Then the lion fell in love with the lamb."

I was puzzling over this when I noticed another sticker that read: "I drive like a Cullen." And then it hit me. I was sitting behind a Twitard. I suddenly remembered that quote creeping me out when I was trying to read Meyer's book. This wouldn't mean anything except that while I was puzzling over the lion falling for the lamb business I had an epiphany. I know what my thesis proposal will be about. I'm going to write about the gender dynamics inherent in the lion/lamb, beauty/beast dichotomy all the way from the Bible's Daniel up through Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

I'm both mortified beyond belief that I owe my epiphany to a Twitard with fairy stickers all over her car and grateful to finally have a direction.

Also, I have a Harry/Draco fic rec. Due to some nostalgia kicked up by a conversation about H/D with [Bad username or site: @] in her journal, I read my first HP fic in pretty much forever. And it was so amazing that it managed to ebb away some of my lingering bitterness over that horrible epilogue.

Title: Take A Sad Song (And Make It Better)
Author: femmequixotic
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Post Epilogue.
Summary: The last thing Harry wants is to lose his kids.
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I come bearing yet another awesome comic rec! This time, it's Harry Potter vs. Twilight here at EXPECTO BULLSHITUS. Possibly the only time Ginny comes out looking good by comparison, and special appearances by Gandalf and Aslan!

This weekend sucked majorly. I spent nearly every minute alternating between working on my various projects and clawing at the walls in a desperate cry for a distraction. I don't know why I'm ridiculously incapable of just getting my shit done. I just HAVE to put everything off until I'm down to the wire. I'm in grad school now, and this just isn't acceptable behavior anymore.

I'm seriously waiting for a drug to come out that takes on procrastination. Then, it will officially be a medical problem and will no longer be my fault in any way. Yes. This must come to pass.
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My theory on why I'm being so bitchy towards teeny boppers these days is because my entire being is rejecting the fact that in approximately 40 hours I am being dragged (obligated, guilted) to see High School Musical 3 by my family because (for some reason) my cousins appear prominently as extras. I liken the experience to being trapped in the goblin mine a la the fellowship, and I cannot get out. I'm lashing out to compensate for my lack of control over the situation. The victims this time are the Twilight fans here.

Wherein I am mean and cranky within the safety of my own journal... )

Oh, and here's another freaking hilarious Twilight comic.

Did I mention that I REALLY don't want to see HSM 3?? -_-;

I'm just going to stare at the prettiness of Zac Efron and ignore everything that comes out of his mouth.
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Well, I've gone and gotten myself a lovely case of Swimmer's Ear. Ouches. I just knew something like this would happen the minute I move away from the Student Health that was conveniently located two blocks up the street from my apartment. Despite the pain, it's still worth it to have rid myself of that horrid farmer's tan.

I was also infinitely cheered up by mocking Twilight with [Bad username or site: @] in her journal. Because it's official. Stephanie Meyer is my sworn enemy. Her books are bad. Why does no one see it? I am mocked by the stacks of her books at the entrance to every bookstore I enter and by all the gushing thirteen-year-olds I encounter. If for no other reason, I want to become a successful writer so that I can somehow defeat her.

I feel like I'm Salieri to her Mozart, except that she's nowhere near as talented as Mozart. -_-;
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All right, seeing as how I'm officially on vacation for a few days with time to read, I finally broke down and bought Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. And when I say "finally" I mean "having only even heard of the series when f-list began commenting on the third installment, Eclipse." I figured that something that could displace Harry Potter from the top spot of the Best Selling list already had to be at least enjoyable. Also, a geeky bookstore employee (my brethren) assured me that it was good and gave me an undeserved discount. Much love to nerdy brethren! ^_^

I'm 130 pages in so far, and I'm still somewhat torn on a few things:

1. It's about vampires.
2. It's YA.
3. It's in the first person.
4. Mary-Sueism bells are going off. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you, Bella.

I would have been all over this book back when I was still in junior high. Unfortunately, I have long since lost my interest in both vampires and adolescent angst. Probably because I associate one with the other. Also, I really think my reading experience would have been hugely improved just by switching everything to third-person POV. Personal squick, I know. It's just distracting. I don't put up with it in fan fic, so I don't know why I should with published novels.

On the other hand, there is the occasional witty quip that makes me smile, and there is also the fact that I am still reading. So, the jury is still out. I really want to like this book just because Claire made the insinuation that I wouldn't because I'm too picky. :P


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