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Oh, Watchmen movie.

Okay, I seriously went in feeling that my expectations were low enough that I could enjoy the movie. I was prepared for deviations from the greatest graphic novel of all time (yeah, it's like that), and I'd already heard that they changed the ending. I was even willing to look past the fact that the director is the same guy responsible for 300, one of the worst movies ever made, and the fact that Alan Moore hated the movie at hello, claiming (rightly) that Watchmen is impossible to lift from its intended medium. Moore is a genius, and Watchmen is so incredibly dense in both detail as well as story that he has a point. The magic he performs just with the mirroring of the panels alone would be impossible to replicate on screen.

But I was prepared to disregard all of that. Yes, I was. For once.

Before you can wonder, no, I still didn't like it. And I bitch about the music. A lot. )
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Slumdog Millionaire sweeps the BAFTAs!

Yay! Now, just ten Oscars to go before I feel that SM has garnered all of the accolades that it deserves.

Also, more pictures of JDM in Watchmen. Aaklwjka!!! The man's hotness combined with the Comedian's wrongness does naughty things to me.
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Fandom finally broke me down, and I just finished the first season of Supernatural.

And, okay, I get it. Are you happy? It's a fun show that I don't have to actually think too hard about to enjoy. The Wincest is definitely present, though I still firmly believe that Nathan and Peter Petrelli could out-incest the Winchester brothers any day. I'm digging the Dean->Sam, because whoa does that boy have co-dependency issues that I can sink my teeth into. From what I've heard, it gets a thousand times worse for him (and better for me, because that's how I roll). Throw me some fics, people!

But the best part of Supernatural? Jeffery Dean Morgan, ladies and gentlemen. MAGGIE, if you're reading this, then you need to see this guy, because he looks exactly like Javier Bordem. An American Javier Bardem. Damn if that man isn't fine. I've spawned a crush on him half-a-dozen times without connecting all the random guest appearances on things (Angel, Weeds, etc.) to the one guy. I've even braved a few Grey's Anatomy episodes because his hotness wouldn't allow me to change the channel.

Oh, and THIS? JDM in The Watchmen = All Kinds of Dirty!Bad!Hot!Wrong )

Random rec, but this week's Wonderella was freaking hilarious. Poor Batman. He never should have given her his phone number.


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