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I come bearing yet another awesome comic rec! This time, it's Harry Potter vs. Twilight here at EXPECTO BULLSHITUS. Possibly the only time Ginny comes out looking good by comparison, and special appearances by Gandalf and Aslan!

This weekend sucked majorly. I spent nearly every minute alternating between working on my various projects and clawing at the walls in a desperate cry for a distraction. I don't know why I'm ridiculously incapable of just getting my shit done. I just HAVE to put everything off until I'm down to the wire. I'm in grad school now, and this just isn't acceptable behavior anymore.

I'm seriously waiting for a drug to come out that takes on procrastination. Then, it will officially be a medical problem and will no longer be my fault in any way. Yes. This must come to pass.
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First off, a rec! The webcomic Sylar and Vader depicts the wacky adventures of best buddies, Sylar and Darth Vader. It has Sylar and Darth Vader as BFFs. Enough said.

I'm into Season Two of Battlestar Galactica, and I am freaking loving it. This show is so smart, and not in the pretentious way that Mad Men is smart. The way so many ethical and political issues are tackled in this show is like opium to me. Gaius Baltar continues to fascinate me, but my favorite aspect so far has to be the Helo/Boomer/Tyrol triangle. Oh, the angsty shenanigans. And Colonel Tigh. You and your martial law. Hehe.

Oh, and hello, I got quoted a few times in the [Bad username or site: @] post for last week's episode. That's awesome, but also confusing. I thought people were supposed to post their own comments on there, but maybe I was wrong? Did one of you quote me? How does this work exactly? Am I now obligated to be amusing? O.o
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Am virtually flipping through the Heroes webcomic on the NBC site.

The latest chapters are Elle's! Elle and Claude! That there is character interaction that I didn't even think to crave, but now I do! It probably makes little sense in terms of time continuity (she would have been, what, 13 when Claude still worked for the Company?), but who cares? It's Elle and Claude! He's a lot nicer to her than he was to Peter, considering that his approach to Peter was more along the lines of, "Shut up! Stop whining! Nobody loves you!" XD

But holy smokes jimminy gillickers THAT IS NOT SIMONE, PETER. Seriously, look at that picture and tell me it's not Mohinder Peter is kissing in the rain. My shipping level of these two just went up by like a thousand points.
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Web Comic Rec time! The Non-Adventures of Wonderella officially rocks my socks. She's a lazy, superficial, politically incorrect parody of Wonder Woman, and that is why we love her.

Here's a sample of Wonderella and her nemesis, Hitlerella, here and here. Excerpt from after Wonderella just caught Hitlerella threatening someone else:

Wonderella: "Whaa?! I fight you all the damn time!"

Hitlerella: “You call that fighting? I spend WEEKS building a huge death machine… Then you show up, flip it on its back, Wham! Bam! And you’re gone! I need someone who will listen to my monologues, Dana. Someone who’ll be there until the police show up.”

Wonderella: “Hitlerella, I swear I am that someone.”

Also, for [Bad username or site: @], here's a ZOMBIE WALK strip.

For [Bad username or site: @], here's one where Wonderella gets EXCITED ABOUT HAMLET.


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