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2008-11-04 10:12 pm
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Oh, boy...

Hahaha. Well, as a Republican, pro-lifer, supporter of gay rights, supporter of commuting sentences of drug-offenders to rehabs, and a supporter of alternative-energy vehicles (yes, I am ALL kinds of mixed up when it comes to politics)... I didn't get anything that I wanted tonight. You feel horribly for me, I know. ;)

Nonetheless. It's hard to feel bitter about Obama winning when every channel is full of crying Black people. I didn't vote for him, but I'm happy that America finally has a Black president. About time. And the man talks pretty, I cannot deny it. I just hope that he lives up to all of this hype. I don't envy him the pressure.

But I am VERY pissed that Proposition 8 actually passed. I had faith that (in California, of all places) this bigoted ballot would be squashed. For once, my eternally blue state was supposed to do what I wanted (perhaps I jinxed it by actually supporting it?). Alas. Poor Ellen has to return her toaster after all.

Oh, and the WORST part of my evening was that someone ate all of my consolatory cookies! I am clearly due to go on a rampage of rage-- right to the grocery store. XD
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2008-01-18 11:32 am
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Shakespeare Disses Me.... Political Drivel...

William Shakespeare

Thou canst not say I did it: never shake
Thy gory Republican at me.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

Aw. Even the fake Shakespeare machine is dissing me for being Republican, as did my former Marine Biology teacher, Mr. Kelley, when I encountered him on MySpace. Ah, well. On a related note...

Hilary Clinton decided to stop by our campus yesterday evening. It explained why I suddenly saw all manner of feral beasts hissing and spitting everywhere in protest. Damn it, I want Obama to come back. He came to the neighboring campus some time back, and we didn't find out until it was too late. Obaaaaama, this little Republican has a crush on you! Cooooommmmeee baaaaacckk! Or perhaps someone I could actually vote for... McCain, you considerably less sexy bastard, come to my campus and taaaaalk to me. Politicians, pander to me now. But not you, Hilary. Never you.