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My bro finally convinced me to suck it up and skip all the Naruto fillers and jump straight to Shippuuden. Fantastic advice, it turns out. Shippuuden is amazing. I looooves me some Akatsuki. Deidara! *Squee* The Save-Gaara arc rocked my socks and hurt my heart. Perhaps it was the countless flashbacks to sad, lonely chibi-Gaara and Naruto.

Only somewhat related, I have a new crack pairing, and that pairing is Kakashi/Gai. It's my favorite thing at the moment. Although, I don't know if it counts as crack if you genuinely adore it. I've never had a crack pairing before! It's just so cute! Shut up, yes, it is. ;) Though, I'd love it if someone could explain the Kakashi/Iruka phenomenon to me. That ship is surprisingly everywhere. Why? XD

Been watching some Code Geass, but I don't know. It may just be that the protagonist is voiced by Ichigo's voice actor, but I'm seeing some similarities to the Bleach love triangle of doom. C2 doesn't look like Rukia (she has green hair), but she's a petite immortal girl who gives the protagonist his powers. Lulu is stuck with her, but they grow on each other. He was aimless and she was lonely and cold before they met. She also has a comic fixation on pizza (juice). The third triangle member, Shirley, looks exactly like Orihime. She's also overtly and romantically obsessed with Lulu-- and not to the benefit of her character. Hmn. I don't know if I want to invest in this one, if only because I hear that this love triangle is more frustrating than the one in Bleach. At least you know-- or should know-- that Ichigo prefers Rukia. Lulu? Oi.
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Since everyone else is doing it...

The character pairings meme...

In which we discuss HP, QaF, Bleach, Naruto, FFVII, Angel, and Avatar... And what I like and dislike about the individual ships... )
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I just bought a Naruto frog coin purse. Why does no one keep me away from eBay??? Did we not learn a lesson after that horrible incident involving $60 and a Grizabella the Glamour Cat doll a few years back? Did we not?

*Sigh* Ah, well. I don't really regret it. Everything associated with Naruto is just so cute! His coin purse, his night cap, his expired milk... Yeah, I said it. XD I will be pleased to put my change in it. I will think of Naruto every time I pull it out of my otherwise fashionable purse, and I will smile. Especially when I see the looks on the various cashiers' faces.
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I am in love with Naruto right now. I resisted watching/reading for so long, and- once again- I have to wonder why I resisted in the first place. LOVE!!! (not drawn as well as Bleach, though)

Seriously. This fight? Oh... my... God. Sasuke... Naruto... The sheer tragedy of it! The sheer desperation! The lonely, lonely chibi!Naruto flashbacks... Iruka-sensei as the father figure... GAH! It's killing me with the heartstrings tugging. Sasuke, you beautiful, psychotic bastard. Why??? *Wails*

P.S: Naruto, Sasuke is "like a brother" to you in the same sense that Remus and Sirius "embraced like brothers." In other words, not at all. -_-
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On my continued journey through various animes, I've since sampled Naruto, D. Gray-man, Fullmetal Alchemist, Prince of Tennis, and Love Hina. I LOVE all of the above except Love Hina and Prince of Tennis. I found the latter ridiculously boring and the former rather offensive.

I'm fully prepared to admit that it's something of a double-standard to be annoyed by the "harem" scenario when I found the "reverse harem" in Ouran High School Host Club thoroughly enjoyable. The reasons are a mystery, I know. ^_^ Nonetheless, Keitaro, with all of his fantasies and stupidity, offends me.

Resemblances I noticed (Warning: Picture heavy and non-spoilery references to Love Hina, Bleach, D. Gray-man, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and Kingdom Hearts):

If I ever wanted to know what Bleach's Gin would look like as a woman, Love Hina's Mitsune pretty much answers the question... )

Shinobu and Hinata vs. Naru and Sakura OR Nice Girls vs. Bitches... )

Kaolla a racist stereotype? Or just another Momiji/Honey? )

D. Gray-man's Komui is Bleach's Ishida with the personality of Tamaki from Ouran! )

Renji is ubiquitous in all my animes... )

Sasuke/Naruto is sooo Riku/Sora )

All of this was more to avoid the fact that my apartment is crawling with termits than actual in-depth analysis. Just keep that in mind. ^_^


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