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Dear Person Who Edited the Fallen Angel Wikipedia Entry,

I hate you. That page used to be filled to the brink with useful information for my novel-in-progress, information that I needed, including countless lists of names, links, charts, and cross-references that I was depending on.

Now? It's a useless stub from one religious perspective that provides no information to anyone. So, thank you for that.

Kiss off and die,

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Sometimes, I'm amazed by what I get away with. I dropped the ball majorly this week not once, but twice. I forgot about a paper/presentation until an hour before it was due, and I thought a test was another day until I was actually sitting there watching the professor hand out the test that I had in no way prepared myself for. I ran, by the way. Yes, indeed, straight out of the room, through the parking lot, and into my Daewo, within which I drove away from the campus and that test.

By all rights, I should suffer some serious consequences for being such an idiot this week, but I won't. Because I've somehow managed to turn this fumble into a victory with absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Go figure.


I'm finally caught up on Friday Night Lights. After a glorious first season, they had me a bit worried in season two, but season three entirely makes up for it. Well, except for the part where I'm left emotionally shattered. Street 'n Smash. I just... guh. This show is so good I can barely stand it. And as far as finales go, I almost wish they weren't coming back in a few weeks for a fourth season because the season three finale was so perfect it could have been the end. It's kinda ridiculous how much they make you care about these fictional characters.

Also, I had a revelation today about my novel-in-progress. In my story's underlying structure, I've been unintentionally mirroring the story of Moses/Exodus from the Bible. I can't believe I never realized it before! Just realizing what I've been doing has broken down so many walls and problems I've been having with it that I'm really excited about where I can go from here. Of course, this revelation is also a bit of a burden because now I have to think deep thoughts about all the new issues this raises in terms of character motivation (etc.)...
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Went to the Orange County Fair with Shala's family yesterday and had a blast. A bigger exhibition of American consumerism there is not. I mean, the vendors were selling everything you can think of deep fried. There were deep-fried Snickers and chocolate-dipped Twinkies. WTF? I ate an enormous turkey leg in order to simulate Henry VIII's court just because I could. There was also an anime booth! I bought a Hinata plushie. Yay! I almost bought a Neji plushie to go with her, but it was just too expensive.

Contributed three times to The Dark Knight's weekend box office gross. Yep. Told you I was addicted.

Finally watched a handful of Dr. Who season four episodes with Nicole. DONNA IS THE BEST COMPANION EVER.

Mamma Mia was just too much fun. Though, I don't think I've ever been in a theatre with so many elderly people at once, ever.

Yay for Bleach chapter 319! The Gin/Kira shipper in me squeed! It's nice to be getting ship fodder for all my various pairings again all of a sudden.

Had a breakthrough on the novel-in-progress. I think I've figured out how to circumvent the Mary-Sue bullshit that was threatening to appear without sacrificing one of my prominent ideas. I've also figured out some important plot issues. Huzzah!
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While a responsible adult would probably be going out and finding employment about now, I have been taking some vacation from life time to do various things like swim in the doughboy, hang out with friends, and work on writing projects. Went shopping for a bridesmaid's dress for Shala's wedding with said bride and Ellen, which was a ton of fun (still can't believe my BFF is getting married). Good times.

Some novel-in-progress woes... )

Other than that, I'm happy with how the novel is coming. I'm on 56 pages and near 19,000 words. I've also begun working on FE 8. The chapter has finally revealed itself to me, so it's been outlined. It's just a matter of forcing myself to complete it. I've been re-reading the previous chapters to get myself back into Slytherin mode. It's been a while since I've been able to write so... acerbically? XD

Also, Maggie and I have officially crossed the threshold of acceptable nerddom in public. She recorded in her lj our lengthy historical debate over whether Richard III actually murdered the princes in the Tower. Because this is what History nerds do, people. ;)
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Attempted a step class today with the gals, with predictably hilarious results. We found out about forty minutes into it that we were in the Intermediate class and definitely not the Beginners. *FacePalm* So, it was basically five of us in a row, flopping around like fish when they're first dumped from the net onto the deck. Good, if humiliating, workout. Did I mention that it was my first step class? We decided that we're probably just going to look into purchasing some Billy Blanks videos so we can do Tae Bo in the living room. Good plan? Yes, I thought so.

Coming up on 10,000 words for the novel-in-progress, which I've been privately calling Up the Well. I've outlined the hell out of it, and it's going well. Though, I am having some problems getting into the head of one of my prominent characters, and it feels like if she'll just let me in (at the risk of sounding schizophrenic), then several aspects of this novel will crack open like a sprung safe. Working on that. Also, there's an ongoing battle occurring between my Catholic-raised self and the book on exactly how much blasphemy we're going with here. It's one thing to play around with concepts of death, the afterlife, and the fallen angels, but it's another to bring in the non-fallen and God. The narrative keeps trying to bring them in, but I'm resisting. I fear being struck by divine thunder bolts, I tell you! With no reference to pagan deities intended. *Crosses self* Then again, maybe it's all the same level of blasphemy anyway, and I should just let the book go wherever it dictates. *Sigh*

Quick, Completely Unrelated Rec:

Ionic, Doric, Corinthian, Agony by [Bad username or site: @] is a hilarious and brilliant portrait of Ares and Aphrodite through the ages. Summary: "Someday, Ares and Aphrodite will stop sleeping together. It just won't be today." For those of you, like myself, who can't resist myth!fic. The girl also wrote a Jefferson/Hamilton fic, and that pretty much makes her the coolest person in existence to me.


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