Jan. 21st, 2010

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I am noticing a significant lack of Moriarty love, y'all.

How can this be? He's Sherlock Holmes but evil. They're brilliant archenemies bent on mutual destruction yet also each other's biggest fan/admirer, more similar than not, both too big to share the world with anyone else, obsessed with each other, etc. etc. I'm fairly certain it's in the rules that there must be rival!shipping and fic. Yes, it's in the rules. And yet, I can find NO Moriarty fic. ANYWHERE. Why, that's just not on. How can this be???

It's because he only played a part in two (well, okay, one, technically) of the books, isn't it? Or is it because he hasn't been forgiven for Reichenbach Falls? But he's still Professor Moriarty! Everyone knows Holmes's antithesis is Moriarty! He was in a bunch of the movies and pastiches! So why no fandom love? Especially in a fandom that's decades old? That means decades to write fic, people! I feel as if there must be some supersekrit hidden archive that's being kept from me.

The funny thing is that I don't even really want Holmes/Moriarty fic. I want Watson/Moriarty fic, which clearly does not exist if I can't even find what should be at least the second most popular ship from the series after Holmes/Watson. Key words: should be. Okay, I really do want Holmes/Moriarty fic, but only because I can't have it!

I'm almost to the point where I WANT Brad Pitt to play Moriarty in the Guy Ritchie sequel if only because there's no way the salivating fangirls would be able to resist that. And, yes, that is a depressing thought.


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