Feb. 1st, 2010

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Having now read several of the Holmes stories, I have to say that A Scandal in Bohemia is my favorite. I laughed aloud several times and just had a general good time reading it. All the characters are kind of on crack, particularly Holmes, who is just generally hysterical as he does ridiculous things to capture Irene. You can also feel Doyle having fun while writing it, as opposed to when he's clearly phoning the work in because his damn editor and public won't let him move on from Holmes already.

Irene Adler rocks my socks. Huzzah for devious, cross-dressing opera singers! She's an entirely different bird from the Irene of the Guy Ritchie movie, and I'm not really sure how I feel about the changes that were made now that I'm aware of them. Hmn.

Also? I fell unexpectedly in love with Godfrey Norton. He's essentially the Watson to Irene's female!Holmes. A better comparison than, say, the Moran to her Moriarty since Irene is the least villainous villain possible to the point of not really being one at all. Irene and Godfrey deserve fic love like whoa. But alas, no one whose name is anything other than Holmes or Watson gets any fandom love. Yes, I'm bitter.
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Oh, show. Oh, show. I'm not caught up on Heroes, and I wasn't going to watch tonight either, but I happened to catch the opening scene with Peter and Sylar and ended up getting sucked in for the whole go.

Hmn. Hmn, says I.

This is not an episode review. This is some lengthy response meta to what happened tonight between Peter and Sylar. Apparently I have a whole plethora of thoughts.

Cut for spoilers, length, and my general confusion about what the writers are doing with Sylar (again). )


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