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Huzzah for new Sweeney Todd/T.S. Eliot layout! ^_^

Last Bitch about J.K. Rowling:

Quoted from [Bad username or site: @]'s LJ:

"Draco Malfoy: Jo loathed Pansy Parkinson (she's every girl Jo ever hated at school; she's the anti-Hermione); and Draco (whom she doesn't think is as bad as Pansy), married Astoria Greengrass (Daphne's little sister), who was two years younger than Draco at Hogwarts."

I'm sorry, but in what universe is Pansy worse than Draco? All the girl did was shadow whatever Draco did. She was a pale imitation of Draco. Pansy didn't actually go join up with Voldemort, did she? Noooo. That was Draco. Neither did she send Katie Bell to St. Mungo's nor attempt to assassinate Dumbledore. That was Draco. Yes, she composed a bitchy song about Ron, but that so easily could have been Draco that they will probably credit him for it in the next movie. *Fumes*
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Yay, new KaienCar layout! KaienCar + W.B. Yeats Poetry= Love. Just in case any of you forgot that I am a literary nerd as well. ^_^

It only took about a century of editing/coloring both the header image and the tedious layout details. Oi. Worth it, though. And do you know how much I love you people? I just went through and fixed the customizations on all of your display names so that I can see who you are when you update. That's love in the form of tedious editing, y'all. ;)

Bleach 286...

Ha, ha, ha. Ichigo and his freaking lack of tact. Oh, man. Hit him again, Nell. Hit him again. ^_^


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