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Because [Bad username or site: @] requested them, here's some more Hey, Arnold (or Helga/Arnold) fic recs:

Between the Lines
Author: [Bad username or site: @].
Pairing: Helga/Arnold.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Fifty sentences; fifty different realities, futures, and pasts for a pink-bowed bully and a kid with a football-shaped head.

Until You Try
Author: [Bad username or site: @]. You should definitely check out her other stuff, too!
Pairing: Arnold/Helga.
Rating: PG-13 for sexual implications.
Summary: Helga always thought Arnold was the answer to everything, but in truth, one person is never the answer to anything.

Short Cuts
Author: Heidi Patacki (a.k.a "Mena Rasin," the author of Stalling). I recommend pretty much everything she's written.
Pairing: Too many to list.
Rating: R.
Summary: Circumstances lead the old gang back to their childhood neighborhood after more than ten years apart. A secret government project, an affair with Olga's husband, failed careers, secret flings, illegitimate children - its all here, folks!

Now, people, pay it forward! This gal needs some recs! *Puppy eyes*
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Fanfic rec meme: Pick and rec one random fic from at least five of your favorite fandoms. Then, explain why.

I hope many of you do this meme, because I could use some fic recs. ;) I did more than five fandoms because I sometimes feel guilty for being too lazy to do the occasional rec list, considering the monolith of fandoms and fanfic I've accumulated over the years. But hey, that's what my lj memories are for.

Sidenote: All of these fics are angsty as hell because that's just how I roll.

Cut for length. Fandoms chosen include X-Men, Star Wars, Bleach, Oz, Angel, Big Love, Naruto, Harry Potter, Hey, Arnold, and Queer As Folk... )

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of all my fandoms.


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